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Swissvax Detailing Price List

YCP are delighted to announce that we are now also a Premium Car Care Centre, using Swissvax products

What is Detailing?

*Auto-detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show quality level of detail. Besides improving the appearance of cars, detailing helps preserve the car, and thus, increases resale value" Wikipedia 2010.

Originally established in the US, the concept of "detailing" has firmly established itself in the UK and even has forums dedicated to detailing discussion. Here at The YCP Car Care Centre we take detailing very seriously indeed, because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our products to the finest effect. Modern paintwork is so easy to damage with poor washing techiniques and can soon look dull, scratched and tired. Simply washing your car with a sponge in a circular motion can cause what we call Swirl marks – fine circular scratches in the paint work. Previously, the only solution was a respray. This is no longer the case. Using a range of products, the professional detailer can transform your car into better than showroom condition.

It’s not just old cars that suffer from swirl marks; some simply haven’t been prepped very well by the supplying dealer and you may see what we call holograms caused by either poor machine polishing or excess wax. These look like this. Again these can be simply rectified by a skilled detailer and the correct products.

If your car is suffering from either of these problems, or is just tired and unloved, and you would like professional help to transform it back to showroom condition, we can help.

During the Detailing process we can also refurbish alloy wheels to correct corrosion or damage from kerbing, rejuvinate stained or tired looking leather and fabric interior, restore colour and life to your faded convertible roof, and fully clean the engine.

Our detailing servicing centre at The YCP Car Care Centre Leeds:

Run by husband and wife team, Jon and Cathy Chambers, YCP Car Care Centre opened towards the end of 2012 to complement the established business, YCP. As experts in classic, sports and supercars, Jon & Cathy chose to expand with the Swissvax brand due to the technical expertise and outstanding results from the entire range of products.

The YCP Car Care Centre is fully equipped with Swissvax trained Technicians, specialised lighting to enable us to see even fine scratches and swirl marks, full detailing workshop and with specialised buffing and polishing machinery. We offer a plethora of car care services using the entire range of Swissvax high performance car care products so bring your car to The YCP Car Care Centre for the full treatment and drive away in a car in better than showroom condition.


What is Swissvax?

Swissvax is a complete and thorough, high performance car care system of perfectly matched products all developed following the same highly sophisticated quality and performance standards. The ingenious Swissvax paintwork care process includes three systematic steps providing ultimate results. First, the paintwork is treated with the Paint Rubber, a mineralic putty compound for the effortless removal of contaminants adhering to the paintwork surface. During the second step, Cleaner Fluid, a paintwork nourishing fluid with excellent deep cleansing characteristics, is applied and buffed leaving nothing but a perfectly clean, smooth and homogenous paintwork surface. The third step seals the paintwork with the wax of your choice chosen out of the wide range of Swissvax waxes. This Swissvax paintwork cure process is a procedure which has been meticulously perfected over decades resulting in the ultimate Swissvax finish and the most intense gloss captivating users all over the world. The range also extends to superior leather, interior, engine, glass and tyre care products which complete the process and give your whole car the complete showroom treatment.


  • Full bodywork wash using Swissvax PH Neutral Car Bath
  • High gloss finish to paintwork using Swissvax Nano Express


  • Full bodywork wash
  • Wheels and arches washed
  • Interior vaccum
  • Windows cleaned with Swissvax Crystal
  • Tyres dressed with Swissvax Pneu Glossy
  • Interior vents, dashboard and centre console cleaned
  • High gloss wax to paintwork using Swissvax Nano Express


  • Full car wash
  • Paint impurities and contaminents removed
  • Polish with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to remove scratches and swirls
  • Swissvax Sheild applied to give a deep mirror shine and protection


As Paint Protection Detail with with the addition of the following services:

  • Wheels removed, cleaned and waxed
  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
  • Paint correction using compounds and machine polishing
  • Full interior detail


  • Bring your detailed vehicle back for a re-wax  within 6 months of its original treatment for a wash and re-wax with Swissvax Sheild




*price depends on size and condition

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